Our Story

Due to the economic down-turn, we both lost our jobs and were at a crossroads in life, that defining moment when you can go back to what is familiar and comfortable, or risk everything to follow your heart and finally do what makes you truly happy.

Well, we love great beer. We love great pizza. We love art and music. We love Lancaster – these are the inspirations for The Fridge. We are friends who share a passion for all of these things, and we wanted to share them with our community, friends and family. We also strongly believe in supporting our community and economy by purchasing as much as possible and practical from local producers, merchants, suppliers, farmers and artists.

Cheers! Kevin Brown & James Futty Owners, The Fridge

Our mantra was always “let’s keep going until somebody says no.” We worked hard, had some good luck, and a humbling amount of support from so many people to help us fulfill our dream. To all of you (and you know who you are), we are eternally grateful. And no, nobody said “no.”

So drink some great beer, eat some great pizza, listen to some great music, enjoy some beautiful art and relax with friends, old and new, at The Fridge.


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